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Do you dream of being a published author?

Have you submitted your manuscript to various publishers, only to receive rejection after rejection?

Do you have timely and valuable information that needs to get to your intended audience but mainstream publishers take too long to go to press?

Then eBookPRESS.ca has the answer to your problems.

What eBookPRESS.ca can provide:

eBook sales are second ONLY to hardcover sales!

We offer an alternative to mainstream publishing that is growing rapidly in popularity. Just read some of these articles:

NEW! -- Publishers like the look of e-book profits: “The book business is starting to go electronic -- and local publishers are embracing the trend, in part because e-books are just as profitable.”

Ebooks Continue to Gain Popularity (2007): “...the Internet has made ebooks a popular commodity, and they continue to gain popularity.”

2008 Global Student eBook Survey: “Students are beginning to see eBook on a parity with print books.”

Pssst: Digital books keep gaining popularity (2008): “Buzz about the changing way that students read textbooks points to electronic books as the future.”


Please join us at eBookNook.ca -- the Blog platform for eBookPress. We have news, reviews, industry trends, and -- oh, the horror -- grammar tips!

You can join the discussion by leaving comments on the various posts, and you can even subscribe to the RSS feed or via email to never miss a post.

If you're a writer who would like to share an article about eBooks, or if you'd like to write a review about an eBook you've read, feel free to contact us at eBookNook.ca. At this time, we cannot pay you for your contribution; but if we select your work for publishing on our blog, we will link to your site and provide you free promotion.

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